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Calle Nueva

Calle Nueva is a short, solo dance work based upon a consequential interception where a singular encounter resonates into several different meanings and a life lasting connection. Recalling the reverberating effects that commence with uncovering a memory, Calle Nueva describes images and impressions not essentially conventional or cliché but still authentic to a developing physicality, exploring a transitional surface while simultaneously combining a previous sense of embodiment with a new, tactile awareness.

Tomas Arroquero concept, choreography, direction & performance
Kieren Rayclassical and flamenco guitar
Paula Van Beeklighting design


Sideline grapples with the universal themes of identity, our need for placement and how we adjust to the irreversible effects of change. Juxtaposing traditional flamenco aesthetics with mainstream popular culture, Sideline challenges the perception of gender code and conventional forms of behaviour. A dynamic use of space and dramaturgy take the audience on an unforeseeable pathway identifying the essences of flamenco, the endurance of the human spirit and a quest for survival. What is the relevance of a cultural based practice in a present state of affairs and how does it shape our search for meaning?

Tomas Arroquero – concept, choreography, direction & performance
Kiarash Zangeneh – performance
Kieren Ray – performance
Paula Van Beeklighting design


Pasodoble is a meeting point of exchange for dancers and musicians, each with their own approach and speciality but with a common aspiration to work together to push, play and extend their own practise. In conjunction with an artistic mentor, Pasodoble explores the relationship between two individuals who have chosen different dance expressions and artistic paths, collaborating in ways to find a common plane.

Tomas Arroquero performance
Gerard Veltreperformance
Kieren Rayflamenco guitar
John O’Hogandouble bass
Marcus Hughes artistic direction


Fragmentos is a dance work that seeks to expand a traditional form through multi-disciplinary approaches to choreography and performance that include foregrounding somatic practice, dramaturgical awareness and improvisation. Coincidently this work intersects with the impact of my father’s state of decline, diagnosed with the crippling disease of dementia that ironically energised the essence of these investigations. Fragmentos is richly complex and multi-layered, drawing on traditions and conventions from both flamenco and contemporary dance and allows a productive dialogue to develop between them. This dialogue presents identities not as static signs of origin but as signifiers of the fluid nature of a contemporary multicultural experience.

Tomas Arroquero  concept, choreography, direction & performance 
Jini Lim – performance
Manolo Jaen performance 

Kieren Ray  performance 
Jennifer Hector  lighting design & collaboration

Sonidos Flamencos

Sonidos Flamencos is an accomplished dance, music, percussion and singing ensemble that explore the vast range of distinctly defined sounds and aesthetics particular to the flamenco form. Its group members aspire to share knowledge, combining a raft of practices and independent experiences, well informed in the understanding of a music and cultural tradition and the practice of “moving to” and “navigating within” el compás (rhythm); one of flamenco’s key defining constituents. Collaborations come together to play and persist in an effort to evoke and conjure up a complex renegotiation of the many identities encapsulated by flamenco as a tradition.

Former and ongoing affiliations include partnerships with Jini Lim, Laura Uhe, Charito Saldana, Nella Randone and Fernando Mira (dance), Manolo Jaen, Julie Pittle, Zoe Vélez and Antonio Soria (song), and Kieren Ray (flamenco guitar).